Chapter 3 Impression: Drugs

Marijuana, whether medicinal or recreational, has been gaining more popularity and controversy after recently being legalized in many states.

I feel that medicinal marijuana should be legalized in every state. It does come with pros and cons, but a person would be working with their doctor to decide if it is best for their situation. For example, my cousin who has severe endometriosis had to receive a crucial operation over the summer. She had to have a large mass of grown tissue along with one of her ovaries removed. She was in an incredible amount of pain and her doctor decided that medicinal marijuana would be the best form of pain reliever to give to her. She did not become addicted to it, but it helped her pain and that was the end of it. People seem to think that having such an easy access to marijuana will increase the amount of people addicted to it or abusing it. What I am seeing is that it already happens with the other painkillers doctors prescribe. They are abused and people become addicted almost daily. Marijuana is more natural and the bodily harm is not as severe as that of narcotics or opiates.

I also agree that recreational marijuana should be legalized in every state under some conditions. Just as alcohol, I agree that people should be 21 to legally use the drug, and obviously, illegal to drive under the influence. I want marijuana to be legalized, not because I want to get high all the time, but because I think obtaining it legally is much safer than how it is obtained now. If states choose not to legalize recreational marijuana, people will still find ways to get it, which could be dangerous. Somebody could unconsciously buy weed that is laced with another more extreme drug, where if it is legally regulated, those risks would not exist. The same risks that are present with alcohol would be present with the use of marijuana, and I feel that if someone were to do something under the influence, they should be held to the same accountability.


One thought on “Chapter 3 Impression: Drugs

  1. I like the way you set this post up. I agree with your statement that medical marijuana should be legalized and that even though it does come with some pros and cons, it is optimally up to the patient to decide if the cons outweigh the cons of what they are going through already. I am glad to hear your cousin had a good experience with this. I also agree that marijuana is not as severe as narcotics and opiates, however, I do also think that marijuana could have the potential to be a gateway drug. In regard to marijuana being legalized, I agree and disagree with some of your statements. First, I agree with the one that states the paramotors if it is legalized, that is age limit, not driving under the influence, etc. I also agree that if an individual wants to use marijuana, they will find a way to get whether it is legal or not. I disagree with the statement of how the risks of having “bad” marijuana would not exist if it becomes legalized. If a dealer wants to make money, and doesn’t have the means of getting actual marijuana, it might be easier for them to get synthetic marijuana and still make a profit. The only difference is they don’t need to hide that they are selling it. I believe the synthetic marijuana is the main reason why people think it is so bad. You hear a story about someone having seizures, hallucinations, aggressive thoughts or actions while being on marijuana, but what isn’t said is that the THC in that batch just mimics actual THC from marijuana leaves and flowers. I think then people then generalize that to all marijuana batches and say it is so bad and a drug is a drug and should be illegal.


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