Johari Window: Extra Credit

I was excited and nervous when creating my Johari Window. I was excited to see how similar the traits I picked were to the ones others picked, but nervous in general to see what others think of me. I kind of felt a little vulnerable when describing myself because one of the traits I used was self conscious. I put on the façade, not that I’m cocky or over confident, but that I like who I am and accept myself. That isn’t the case. I hide my emotions from others because I like to come off as strong, and I do not like to be perceived as weak. This is why I would have to call the test invalid. People are going to pick the traits they see in you, but if people don’t know the real you, it would be inaccurate.

This reflected in the answers from my friends. 53% called me energetic. My roommate who sees me behind closed doors,  sees me naps for hours every afternoon and was the only person to not pick energetic. I got a lot of traits that surround my outward appearance: bold, cheerful, confident, energetic, proud, self-assertive, and spontaneous. I wonder how the responses would change if I let my guard down more often. I decided it to send it to my aunt that I spend a lot of time with. She pinpointed parts of that I don’t often show to others. She picked sentimental, sympathetic, self conscious, observant, helpful, and complex. I also sent it to a childhood friend whom I’ve known since 1st grade because I wanted to see how her answers would differ from the friends I’ve made at etown. She chose accepting, caring, trustworthy, intelligent, and spontaneous.

here’s the link to my Johari:

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