First Impression ch4

When it comes to parenting styles, I think it can be hard to pin point just one perfect style. I feel that when parenting, there should be balance between strictness and how laid back to be.

I want to start with helicopter parents. Helicopter parents hover their child’s every move and decision. They need to know absolutely everything all the time and can even become overly controlling. I think this could cause the child to develop anxiety. It could give them a suffocated feeling and cause them to be constantly worried about the decisions they are making and how they are handling every day situations. However, I don’t think parents should be totally laisse faire. There are certain disciplines in a child’s life where I think parents should be more controlling than in others, such as monitoring their child’s school work.

This brings me to the “jellyfish” parent. Jellyfish parents are extremely laid back and let their children do whatever they want. There are no set rules or expectations. although this gives the child an extreme sense of freedom, I think they tend to have a poorer sense of self discipline. They don’t need to meet any expectations, nd without parents giving them some guidance, may not fully understand which actions could be considered “right’ or “wrong”. Lastly, we have the tiger mom. I view this more overbearing than helicopter parents, personally. They strive so hard to push their children to succeed. I think this can even lead to depression in children who are not meeting the expectations of the parent or parents that are putting the extra pressure on them.

Overall, I think having balance and open communication between child and adult is the key to successful parenting.

4 thoughts on “First Impression ch4

  1. I agree with your statement there is no perfect way to be a parent. I do believe you are right with declaring the best style would be a good balance of styles. One that is not too strict and at the same time not too laid back. It can be difficult at times to find an equilibrium between the two, but it could be possible. I like how you pointed out the Tiger Mom could sometimes result in the child feeling depression if not meeting the expectations, as well as with Helicopter Parents, could potentially cause anxiety. Cultural beliefs definitely play a part in the style parents take on based off of their society standards. The way children are raised a lot of the time, produce a stereotypical result and as you mentioned are more likely to develop issues such as depression.


  2. I agree with your statement that parenting should be a little mixture of both and that parenting is not an easy task. In your paragraph about “helicopter parents” I see you are talking about, to me it seems, authoritarian parenting lifestyle. In that paragraph, you mention that this style could cause the child to develop anxiety. I also support this statement because if the parent is constantly hovering over the child, the child is going to thinking about the consequence, good or bad, for every situation.

    Your next paragraph that talks about the ‘jellyfish” type of parenting seems to be a term referring to the permissive parenting lifestyle. With these kids, I agree that they feel they have no consequences and that they do not need to meet anyone’s expectations but their own. I also believe that they may not have a clear understanding of what ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ may be.

    With all that being said, and drawing from your conclusions and mine, I believe the best parenting style is the Authoritative parenting style.
    Great first impression!


  3. Based off all the information that you provided along with what I have learned in class. I also agree with your decision that parenting is best if completed in an Authoritative style. The helicopter parenting style can be assumed to be the Authoritarian style, and this often leads to the feeling of a dictatorship run by the parents of the child. Often, the child in this situation would feel weaker and at a lower standard. This often can lead to a low sense of self-esteem because the child is constantly being controlled and is often unable to make their own decisions. Also, the jellyfish parenting style can be assumed as the permissive parenting style. All though this has its benefits of allowing the child to make their own decisions, often it relates to a lack of structure. This is also considered the hands-off approach, and this can provide the thought for the child to feel like the parent is not connecting or approachable. The one type of parenting style that was not touched on in your post is the uninvolved parenting style. This often leads children to feel complete social emotional neglect. This is because the child is often only provided their basic needs of survival. They are not given the interaction that is needed for the child to develop a healthy social emotional status. With all these parenting styles I also believe that the Authoritative style is the best style of parenting for majority of the United States and world. However, I believe that majority of these parenting styles aside from the Uninvolved and permissive styles can and must be used in certain situations and cultures. Overall very nice first impression!


  4. Hello! I enjoyed your post and agree with you that Helicopter parents watch a child’s behavior and decision all that time so that child tends to feel anxiety and suffer from decision-making. This is “over-involvement” parenting style. These children who have Helicopter mom tend to be immature psychologically, not study hard, not good at communicating. Therefore, Helicopter parent’s need to think about the quality of involvement rather than quantity. Compared with this, Tiger parent is strict about child’s academic achievement and social status. They required their children to be perfect in many situations. This parenting style would cause the pressure of depressive symptoms. These parenting styles which have specific requirements and involving children’s experience strictly are considered as “Authoritarian” parenting style. Authoritarian parenting has a dictatorship and common among minority parents such as Asian parents. There is an “Authoritative parenting style which covered the problem of Authoritarian parenting which children feel depress from parent’s pressure and cause a negative outcome. Authoritative parenting respects their children’s decision and gives them a positive message with accurate discipline. It would make children feel not only pressure but also parent’s support and encouragements. I agree still with the idea that has balance and good communication with a child even after I learned several types of parenting styles.


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